Innovative car technologies to arrive by 2020

The pace at which technology is improving is just phenomenal. For all the car enthusiasts out there, in the next three years, you will have the chance to witness some breathtaking innovations that will certainly elevate the travel experience as well as facilitate the activity. Things which seem science fiction today will probably be the astounding reality of years in future. Some of these technologies will take few years to show but there are those which are waiting for the final touches. This is all due to the exposure of customers and how concerned they are for the automotive technology instead of just looking at the overall look. Something which our metro car Detroit is also known for because Dtwtaxilimo makes sure that car engines and insides are up to the mark. Few of those car technologies expected to come by 2020 are listed below;

Driver override systems

We have all seen the shift of manual cars to automatic cars where the role of clutch and gear was reduced to almost nothing, and it was much easier for people to drive even if they weren’t professional at it. The world is now moving steps ahead and soon will be able to witness an override system which will have its own intelligence to control the car. The driver override system will have a smart sensor technology which will keep the car in control even if the driver has completely forgotten to use something. For instance, the car needs to be stopped and the driver has his feet on the gas pedal, the driver override system will put the brakes function in action and stop the car immediately. Turns out, the car will now know more than you possibly can. When, however, you are traveling in metro car Detroit you don’t have to worry about any such thing because our experienced chauffeurs are focused and attentive throughout the ride.

Biometric access

Car security has always been a key issue because when you park it in a place that is open to almost anyone, you have to be mentally at peace that the car is locked and secure. Car security has seen a lot of changes from the conventional car keys to an automatic button lock and now things will get even better with the biometric access. Biometric access will allow the users to unlock their car using just their

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fingerprints or an eyeball ball scan. Something that cannot be stolen and therefore protection is close to guaranteed. We have seen this feature in phones and now it will be coming to cars in the near years. If, however, you want to travel without having to worry about your car security, then just call for our Detroit metro car and take your traveling experience to another level.

Active window displays

Driving is sure to get tons easy when you will be able to see the navigation turns being displayed on glass windshield instead of having to look down on the small LCD display. This Head-up technology will be capable of displaying vibrant images on the glass window. This will not only give facility of navigation system but at the same time will be displaying anything and everything that was previously displayed on the LCD screen. The technology is expected to come by 2020 and only time will tell whether it proves to be useful or comes off as a distraction. For our drivers at Detroit metro car, nothing will be a distraction because they have years of expertise in professional limo driving.

Active health monitoring

The horrors of driving alone have been there for years. We can’t help but imagine situations where the person driving may get a heart attack, a stroke or any other issue where he is unable to reach out to the phone; the consequences of those that come to mind are horrible. Seems like, Ford was listening to our thoughts all this time when they came up with sensors in steering wheel and seatbelt that were keeping a check on the important statistics. Those sensors are automatically paired with the phone devices to be active in times of emergency. This is expected to be paired with another technology in which the car will be able to perform actions like pulling over and then even calling the ambulance or
helpline for further assistance. You will no longer have to worry about these things just like you forget your travel worries when you ride in our metro car Detroit.

Four cylinder supercar

Speed thrills and Ford is banking on this very need by bringing in a GT supercar with twin turbo V6. This v6 will have the striking performance of about 600 horsepower. By 2020, this four-cylinder technology will be combined with a full-fledged car and ready to amaze with its first drive.

Personalized Marketing

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Marketing seems to make its way into every unexpected place and this is how it gets the attention that businesses aim for. In the coming few years, you will witness marketing ads by Google, facebook, and twitter showing up on your car’s display. The good thing, however, is that all of it will be linked to your preferences and therefore nothing will be out of that parameter. Your car will be connected to the internet at all times and businesses will be able to customize their messages to reach directly at you. One really can’t say much about this one and it is only time which will tell if it will help brands or will the ads get ignored even more.