Reasons to celebrate New Year’s in Detroit

New Year celebrations are certainly the most awaited of the year and people can’t afford to miss out on the fun, especially if you’re staying at the happening city of Detroit. Detroiters surely know how to usher in the new year; whether it a concert that they are attending, shopping spree, family event or just a good time out with friends and lots of food. brings you list of the most sought-after New Year celebrations that will undoubtedly give you a grand entry into 2018.

In to metro car Detroit and off to the Boat

Is there a better way to kick-start new year than with a dinner cruise on the Detroit Princess Riverboat? I think not! Book your seat today and get ready for a memorable night. You will be enjoying delicious dinner buffet with light music to dance to on the dance floor. The cruise will begin from 10 pm onwards, all the way till 2 am. The tickets are $75, so buy them today and don’t forget to make your reservations with metro car Detroit for a luxurious trip to and from the cruise.

Guaranteed fun for MJ fans

If you are a Michael Jackson fan then Detroit city has the best New Year celebration for you to attend. MJ had a long career in music from when he was 5 all the way to his blockbuster hits like “Thriller” and “Beat IT”. Orchestra Hall opens its doors at 8pm, paying the biggest tribute to MJ with the most wanted concert of New Year’s night. There will be different packages depending on what you choose but it will certainly be a memorable night for everyone attending. Avail Dtw taxi service to make your way to the Orchestra hall in style, comfort and luxury.

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Get dropped at “the Drop” with metro car Detroit

Finally there is something to enjoy with kids too and that too absolutely free of cost. The festival gathers a crowd of thousands and has full packed entertainment on two stages along with fairy like horse carriage rides. Kids will enjoy their time doing various activities and food stalls from various restaurants. The party will start at about 4 pm and last till after midnight to let you sink in the New Year fun. Take Dtw taxi service to this festival at Beacon Park in Downtown.
If you need to take things to a slight next level with some beer and crazy dancing, then head to the Grand Celebration Party Pavilion located beneath “D” drop and live it big. This Motown countdown starts from 8 pm and continues till 1 am. Book your tickets today and of course, solve your transportation problems by availing our timely and comfortable metro car Detroit service.

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Active health monitoring

The horrors of driving alone have been there for years. We can’t help but imagine situations where the person driving may get a heart attack, a stroke or any other issue where he is unable to reach out to the phone; the consequences of those that come to mind are horrible. Seems like, Ford was listening to our thoughts all this time when they came up with sensors in steering wheel and seatbelt that were keeping a check on the important statistics. Those sensors are automatically paired with the phone devices to be active in times of emergency. This is expected to be paired with another technology in which the car will be able to perform actions like pulling over and then even calling the ambulance or
helpline for further assistance. You will no longer have to worry about these things just like you forget your travel worries when you ride in our metro car Detroit.

Four cylinder supercar

Speed thrills and Ford is banking on this very need by bringing in a GT supercar with twin turbo V6. This v6 will have the striking performance of about 600 horsepower. By 2020, this four-cylinder technology will be combined with a full-fledged car and ready to amaze with its first drive.

Personalized Marketing

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Marketing seems to make its way into every unexpected place and this is how it gets the attention that businesses aim for. In the coming few years, you will witness marketing ads by Google, facebook, and twitter showing up on your car’s display. The good thing, however, is that all of it will be linked to your preferences and therefore nothing will be out of that parameter. Your car will be connected to the internet at all times and businesses will be able to customize their messages to reach directly at you. One really can’t say much about this one and it is only time which will tell if it will help brands or will the ads get ignored even more.