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Dress is done, food is done, place is done, guests are all on time but there is one issue; there is no driver to attend you and your bride/groom. This is a bummer! How can you compromise on your entry to your very own wedding when everything else is perfectly styled? All your efforts will go down the drain if you end up arriving in an old car or worse, end up driving yourself. Many people can relate to this scenario because it is a very common issue that arises in almost every wedding. Couples want their marriage to be perfect but they just miss out on something that was going to lift it all up and give it a classy beginning; the ride.

Detroit wedding limo

Dtwtaxilimo brings to you their most reliable wedding limo service that has been exclusively designed to meet the requirements of a wedding theme and make it yet another happening event of your life.  Detroit wedding limo has been the most sought after limo service here in Detroit and the suburbs, because we are famous for delivering top notch quality even on a short notice. There are some essentials for a wedding limo service that determine its efficiency;
– Driver with the limo needs to be right on time
– The limo has to be of the latest model
– There are extra features inside; bar area and good music system
– The ride is smooth, relaxing and safe
– Chauffeur is friendly with VIP meet and greet service
– Limo service keeps up with the stylish wedding theme
These are the most basic things which people look for when they think of ordering a limo service and therefore, Detroit limo service has been exclusively prepared to meet these and other unsaid requirements of wedding limo customers.

Elevating Detroit wedding limo experience in the “motor city”

Couples who are planning to tie their knot in the “motor city” are certainly going to face a tough choice because there is not just one or two but numerous places to choose from. There is the traditional, red bricked Bailey Mansion or the breath taking romantic setting at Anna Scrips Whit comb Conservatory; whatever the place may be, wedding limo service Detroit will get you to your special day in time and with style. All these places have been famous for a lot of weddings that were celebrated here and every wedding had a different story behind it. It is our utmost duty to bring you the best limo ride of your life that truly makes it an unforgettable experience and makes your wedding day ten times special.

Some places go better with a white themed limo whereas other go well with the classy black color; wedding limo service Detroit will cater to all your demands and that too in affordable rates. We never exploit our customers, even for events as important as a wedding, and always aim to provide complete value for money.

It is that time of your life where you are tying a knot with someone else for the rest of your life. It is truly special and you definitely don’t want anything to go wrong here. Detroit wedding limo service ensures that you arrive at your wedding venue in a rich and luxurious style that will wow all those attending it. Detroit wedding limo service for weddings exclusively is all done in latest limo models where there are plenty of smart features inside like slot machines and bar areas so that the bride and groom enjoy their  time while they travel. Weddings are a onetime event where everything must be done with precision including the transportation.

Reach out to our wedding limo service Detroit

You can and should completely trust us for your wedding limo because Detroit wedding limo service will prove its excellence in comparison to all other limo companies in the industry. To make a reservation, you can call us at the numbers provided or just email us to fill an online form. We will get back to you within 24 hours and confirm all the important details. We even welcome clients who want the availability of a limo on very short notice because that is the whole concept of our wedding limo service Detroit; customer satisfaction.